Searching For Christ

I’m a thirty-something married mother of three. I grew up in a family that believed in Christ, but had been turned off by my experiences in Christian denominations. So I had a love and fear of God, and believed in Jesus Christ, but had not yet experienced true fellowship, or received Christ as more than a ticket to heaven. As a young adult, I met some stronger Christians who were not trying to get me to join their “church”, but to get the Lord into me. After much dealing with the Lord, I repented to Him and was truly saved. After my regeneration, then marriage, the search began for my idea of a proper church—a place where I could experience the Lord in oneness, grow in Him, and have the word and the deep mysteries of the Bible unfolded in a way that an ordinary believer could understand. So my husband and I traveled from one group to another, joining one then another, and so on. Each move would be great for a while then the divisions and other negative things would outweigh the good. Finally, after several years, and traveling to at least 10 different countries, and meeting with many different Christian groups and denominations, and even trying independence and seclusion, I came to the wrong conclusion that there was no practical way yet on the earth for the Body of Christ to be built up and built together as one. That is, until we stumbled upon some believers who were practicing the life of the church, by expressing the Lord, and building up each other in the Word. (This was due to the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.) We thought, “Wow! This is great.” Then we found out that this glorious church was not just an isolated situation, but was one of many local churches all over the earth.

This oneness that I first saw among that small number of believers was just a small part of the universal oneness of the Body of Christ being practiced over the entire earth. Yes, there really is a way for the Body of Christ to be built together without all the old divisions that I thought were impossible to get around. And for once, I am glad to admit I was wrong!


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