The Long Journey

I think my life could be summarized as a journey of seeking. I was raised in a large family (one of thirteen children). There were many difficulties because of this, such as a lack of attention, lack of monetary items and the need to stay with the relatives for periods of time to help my parents with the big job of raising so many children.

My mother would share her experiences with us of her love for the Lord and how the Lord had worked in her life. She often read Bible stories to us which provoked a hunger in me to know more about the Lord.

I came to have an experience of the Lord personally during high school and experienced being loved as I had never been before. The Bible says that God is love and this aspect of God was so wonderful to me.

After receiving the Lord there was a period of about 14 years of seeking His perfect will in my life, which led me to Bible college and a search for a church or group of believers where there was oneness and where the truths of the Bible were opened.

I got married and I felt sure our search had ended when we met a group of believers who loved the Lord and carried the gospel around the world. We left our families and journeyed to many countries and met many Christian groups, but never experienced a real oneness. When the group we were with became divided and we were left alone, we were desperate to know other Christians with whom we could be one.

God graciously allowed us to stay with a couple in another country who fed us Godís Word every day and shared with us some books by Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. I have to say that within a few weeks while reading these books my cloudy sky was made so clear by the understanding these brothers had of the Word.

The joy and oneness we experienced with these believers we thought could not exist on the earth; later, we learned that there were believers just like this couple in many cities of the world practicing the same living. We praise the Lord that our journey led us to the fellowship and enjoyment of the oneness in the local churches.


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