Shaping Me For His Plan

I am a 26 year old female, mother of two, married, and a loving believer in Christ.

Before I came to know the Lord through the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee four years ago, no one was able to talk to me about God. To me, there was no God. I had been baptized Catholic but my family had some disagreements with the church so we never attended regularly. Some friends in college tried to persuade me into believing but they couldn’t answer my questions—If God really exists and loved me, then why did I go through all the hardships that I did when I was a child? Why did I have to talk to a priest to talk to God (if He really did exist)? All these questions and many more could never be answered.

After I was married, my husband and I were met with situation after situation. Eventually, we had to move into his parents’ home where I learned of the ministry of Witness Lee. All my questions were answered and my heart was softened towards the Lord. I was invited to a meeting and reluctantly went. When I arrived at the family’s home, I was shocked. We didn’t come together in a big, fancy building with a cross outside. There weren’t any statues or beautiful painting hanging around. There wasn’t even a pastor or a priest. There was only Christ. These Christian brothers and sisters didn’t care about the outward, visual things. They only cared for God’s heart’s desire. They only loved Christ and wanted to give praise and thanks to Him. I couldn’t believe the “Amens” and “Hallelujahs” that were given to Him. Never before had I experienced anything like this.

I knew then that God did exist and He was there with me in that very room. It was such a sweet feeling to know He was there with us.

I praise the Lord today for His grace and mercy. I am so thankful. He was with me through everything even when I rebuked Him. He had a purpose behind everything that has happened to me. He was and is shaping me and molding me for His plan. He wants me to be a partaker of all that He is. Thank you Lord Jesus for loving even me! Amen!

Melody C. Kennedy

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