Looking For Genuine Love

Iím a 33 year old Japanese sister who is married to an American. I have a nine year old son and a four year old daughter.

I was raised in Japan with a mixture of the Buddist religion and Christianity. All of my life I thought I had been raised in a normal family. My father passed away when I was 19 years old and my eyes were opened to see that my family was not so normal. I suddenly felt lost. I began looking for love. I wanted to have my own ďnormalĒ family so I got married. I found love with my own family but after about five years of being married I realized we couldnít communicate very well, because we spoke different languages and we had a cultural difference.

I didnít know what to do with my marriage. I was watching television one day and an archeologist had discovered the linens that Jesus had been wrapped in. I asked some of my Christian friends if He was a real person. After talking with them I was saved. After being saved I thought everything would be fine, and I would have no more problems, but something was still missing. So, I kept searching to know more of the Lord.

One day a Christian sister who was meeting with the local church invited me to a meeting where we sang hymns and we ate together. While I was there, I felt rest and peace. I was enjoying the Lord to the uttermost. I felt like the believers there genuinely cared for me. I knew that I had found the love I was looking for.

Iíve been meeting with the local churches for two years now and the Lord has opened my eyes wide. I am trusting the Lord that my entire family will enjoy the Lord as much as I have. Then we together can have a relationship in the Lord and experience genuine love.

Iím thankful to the Lord for all Heís done for me.

Ikuho Grandon

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