Prayer Burdens, week of September 26, 2021

Please pray for the Lord’s blessing and protection of the full-time training in Anaheim (FTTA) and in Boston (FTTA-XB). Pray that the Lord will continue to use the full-time training to raise up a group of young overcomers who will be obedient to the heavenly vision and will be one with Him for His final move to build up His Body and prepare His bride for His return.

Strengthening of the Prayer Ministry of the Church
May all the saints be watchful and prayerful concerning the age that we are living in and be willing to give themselves by redeeming the times (specifically the prayer meetings of the church) and cooperating with the Lord in His heavenly ministry to carry out His eternal economy to consummate this age.

The Burden for the Gospel
No shepherding can be prevailing if we do not have a love for people, an interest in them, a burden for them, and adequate prayer. Love, interest, burden, and prayer are the essential, basic elements of proper shepherding. Most of us were born with no interest in people. We do not like people, and we do not wish to be bothered by them, invited by them, or visited by them. We would rather live on top of a mountain. This is our natural tendency. However, if we keep this kind of disposition, we will be finished with the building. We need to love the new ones as the Lord loves them, be interested in them, and take care of them. Then we must have a burden for them and adequate prayer. (CWWL, 1973-1974, vol. 2, “The Normal Way of Fruit-bearing and Shepherding for the Building Up of the Church,” pp. 626-627)
Please pray that we would have a love for people, an interest in them, a burden for them, and adequate prayer for them. May we even practice writing down their names, praying for their spiritual welfare constantly, call them regularly, and establishing them in the church life.