Prayer Burdens, week of January 16, 2023

Prayer for the spreading of the truth
Individual saints in the US can now order copies of the New Testament Recovery Version and a selection of ministry books from Bibles for America (BfA) to give to people they are shepherding. Orders for Bibles and books can be placed on
Pray that the saints would take advantage of this opportunity to present people with the wonderful truths in the ministry so that many more could find the meaning of their life and their purpose on earth.
Please also pray for the fulfillment of these orders for Bibles and books. Pray that the BfA staff and volunteers laboring at the distribution center would be strengthened and supplied, and that all the orders would go out in a timely way so the truth could spread throughout this country.

Pray for the Lord’s blessing and protection of the full-time training in Anaheim (FTTA) and in Boston (FTTA-XB). Pray that the Lord will continue to use the full-time training to raise up a group of young overcomers who will be obedient to the heavenly vision and will be one with Him for His final move to build up His Body and prepare His bride for His return.

2022 December semiannual training
Please pray for the full burden of the ministry released in the 2022 December semiannual training to be received by all the saints.

The conflict in Ukraine
Please continue to pray that:
.The Lord will keep all the saints in the involved countries open to Him for their experience of the divine dispensing in all the situations of their daily living
.The Lord will meet all the practical needs of the saints as the cold weather of winter settles in
.The brothers who are fighting in the war will be preserved by the Lord in their tripartite being
.The Lord will shepherd the refugees and establish them in the church life
.The local saints, serving ones, and trainees will be blended with the refugees by being through the cross and by the Spirit to minister Christ to one another for the building up of the Body
.The saints in all the involved countries will be kept in the oneness of the Body and the reality of the new man
.The tripartite being of the saints in the besieged cities will be protected and preserved for the Lord’s interests
.The Lord will comfort and sustain those who have lost loved ones in the war
.The enemy will be bound in his attack on the Lord’s interests in Russia, Ukraine, and Europe

A reminder from the footnote on 1 Kings 8:48: “During the Babylonian captivity Daniel prayed toward the Holy Land, the holy city, and the holy temple three times a day by opening his window toward Jerusalem (Dan. 6:10). This indicates that God will listen to our prayer when our prayer to God is toward Christ, the kingdom of God, and the house of God as the goal in God’s eternal economy. This means that no matter for whom we are praying, our prayers should be aimed at the interests of God, i.e., at Christ and the church as God’s interests on earth, for the fulfilling of God’s economy.”

Portions of the ministry that are helpful in directing our prayer are chapter 139, “World Wars and the Church,” in The Collected Works of Watchman Nee, Set 2, vol. 45; chapter 17 in Lessons on Prayer; and chapter 12 in Life-study of Daniel. Please pray for the ruling of the heavens over the entire situation so that the saints will be preserved, Satan will suffer loss, and God’s economy will advance in the spreading of the gospel and the building up of the Body.

Brother Nee’s prayer at the Keswick Convention in 1938 is also instructive. When he was asked to offer a prayer concerning the war that was raging between China and Japan, he prayed “The Lord reigneth. He is reigning, and He is Lord of all. Nothing can touch His authority. It is the spiritual forces that are out to destroy the interests of the Lord in China and in Japan. We do not pray for Japan. We do not pray for China. But we pray for the interests of Thy Son in China and in Japan. We do not blame any men. They are only tools in the hand of the enemy of the Lord. Lord, we stand in Thy will. Lord, shatter the Kingdom of Darkness. Lord, the persecution of Thy Church is persecuting Thee.” – The Keswick Convention: 1938 (London: Pickering & Inglis, 1938), 246

To give directly to LME for needs related to Ukraine, please follow instructions at here

Prayer for the Saints in Affliction
Please pray for the saints who are currently going through afflictions and sufferings due to illness and/or loss of loved ones. May the Lord heal and comfort the saints and their families during these difficult times.

Strengthening of the Prayer Ministry of the Church
May all the saints be watchful and prayerful concerning the age that we are living in and be willing to give themselves by redeeming the times (specifically the prayer meetings of the church) and cooperating with the Lord in His heavenly ministry to carry out His eternal economy to consummate this age.