Week of September 17, 2023

This week we will be covering week 5 of the HWMR on the recent ITERO “Knowing, Experiencing, and Living the All-inclusive Christ for the Genuine Church Life” along with the messages on “Life’s Washing in Love to Maintain Fellowship” from the recent Mid-Atlantic Blending Conference, “Loving the Lord and Loving One Another for the Organic Building Up of the Church as the Body of Christ”. The video messages are available to watch and the outlines and audio of the messages are available for download at: https://www.machurches.org/23fmabc/

How to Prepare for the July 2023 Semiannual Training
The general subject of the July 2023 Semiannual Training is “An Overview of the Central Burden and Present Truth of the Lord’s Recovery before His Appearing.” To help prepare for this training, you can read The Divine and Mystical Realm or watch Brother Lee’s speaking in the 1996 conference that produced the contents of this book on YouTube at The Divine and Mystical Realm message playlist. The videos of Brother Lee’s speaking are available through LSM’s YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/@LivingStreamMinistry.

The divine and mystical realm is something not only spiritual but also mysterious. “The Triune God—the Father, the Son, and the Spirit—is self-existing, ever-existing, and coinhering, with the three of the Divine Trinity dwelling in one another. According to John 14:10 and 11, the Son is in the Father, and the Father is in the Son. This indicates that the Father is embodied in the Son and the Son is the Father’s embodiment, forming a divine and mystical realm, the realm of the Triune God. Therefore, the Triune God Himself is a divine and mystical realm. The divine and mystical realm into which we may enter today is actually not simply the divine and mystical realm of the Triune God but the divine and mystical realm of the consummated Spirit and the pneumatic Christ.” (Witness Lee, The Divine and Mystical Realm, ch. 3)

ODU Campus House
By the Lord’s grace, the church has acquired a house to facilitate the preaching of the gospel on ODU campus. The renovation project has completed to make the house ready for initial uses such as inviting students for one-on-one appointments and small groups. Now a two-story expansion of the house is being planned, so that it can accommodate future needs, such as college meetings. If you are led to give for this purpose, please direct your offering to the Church in Virginia Beach and mark it for “ODU campus house”.

Opportunity for Blending and Visitation
There will be around 4 to 6 brothers from nearby localities who will be working on the ODU Campus house expansion. We encourage local saints to blend with them by inviting one or more of these brothers into their homes for dinner. It would be wonderful if they could have dinner with the local saints and families. These brothers will be free for such dinner invitations on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Lord’s day nights. Feel free to approach and invite them directly.

The conflict in Ukraine
To give directly to LME for Ukraine, please designate your gift for “Ukraine” and carefully follow all instructions given on the following web pages:
. Instructions for sending a check through postal mail and for sending gifts by wire transfer can be found at lme.org/offerings.
. Instructions for giving online through ACH transfer or through the PayPal Giving Fund (PPGF) can be found at lme.org/e-offerings. Giving through ACH transfer and the PPGF will minimize processing fees for large gifts.
. Instructions for giving through regular PayPal or by a debit or credit card can be found at lme.org/e-offerings-other.

Church in Atlanta Meeting Hall Restoration
There is a financial need to help restore and expand the Church in Atlanta meeting hall after it suffered major damage from arson. If you feel led by the Lord to contribute, various options for making an offering can be found at Atlanta Meeting Hall Restoration.

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2023 LSM Conference and Training Information

International Chinese-speaking Blending ConferenceFebruary 17-19, 2023
March International Training for Elders and Responsible OnesMarch 24-26, 2023
International Memorial Day Blending ConferenceMay 26-29, 2023
July Semiannual TrainingJuly 3-8, 2023
October International Training for Elders and Responsible OnesOctober 5-7, 2023
International Thanksgiving Blending ConferenceNovember 23-26, 2023
December Semiannual TrainingDecember 25-30, 2023
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For information related to upcoming conferences, seminars, and one-week trainings in Europe and Israel, please consult the Amana Trust website at: https://amanatrust.org.uk/page/events